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Plenty of Blame to go Around
Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg



FORWARD - by Mark Grimsley, historian and author


CHAPTER ONE - "THE RIDE BEGINS" "This was the commencement of a march which lasted almost without halt for two weeks." Capt. Theodore S. Garnett, Stuart's staff

CHAPTER TWO - "ACROSS THE POTOMAC" "The wagons were brand new, the mules fat and sleek, and the harness in use for the first time. Such a train we had never seen before and did not see again." Col. Richard L.T. Beale, 9th Virginia Cavalry

CHAPTER THREE - "CAVALRY CLASH AT WESTMINSTER" "An almost suicidal bravery." A.H. Huber, Postmaster - Westminster, Maryland

CHAPTER FOUR - "THE FIRST PHASE OF THE BATTLE OF HANOVER" "We had apparently waked up a real hornet's nest." John Esten Cooke, Stuart's staff

CHAPTER FIVE - "THE SECOND PHASE OF THE BATTLE OF HANOVER" "We are put in all of the worst places on account of [the] seven shooters." Pvt. William H. Rockwell, 5th Michigan Cavalry

CHAPTER 6 - "THE LONG ROAD TO CARLISLE" "After a series of exciting combats and night marches, it was a severe tax to their endurance." Jeb Stuart

CHAPTER 7 - "A NIGHT TO REMEMBER: CARLISLE" "Shell away and be damned!" Brig. Gen. William F. "Baldy" Smith

CHAPTER 8 - "HUNTERSTOWN" "I'll lead you this time, boys. Come on!" Brig. Gen. George A. Custer

CHAPTER 9 - "THE CONTROVERSY BEGINS" "General Stuart is much criticized for his part in our late campaign, whether rightfully I cannot say." Capt. Charles Minor Blackford, Judge Advocate, Longstreet's Corps

CHAPTER 10 - "THE CONTROVERSY CONTINUES" "I have seen a Jesuitical attack on Stuart by Colonel Charles Marshall, all a lie. Today I send the [Richmond] Dispatch a letter. It looks like I shall be at war forever." John S. Mosby

CHAPTER 11 - "THE CONTROVERSY RAGES" "Regardless of what men will say someday, there are orders to follow and duty today. Sometimes that is all a man can do. Sometimes that is all he needs to do. Certainly it is all anyone can ask him to do." Mark Nesbitt, Saber and Scapegoat: J.E.B. Stuart and the Gettysburg Campaign

CHAPTER 12 - "CONCLUSION" "The ranks of our cavalry were much reduced by its long and arduous march, repeated conflicts, and insufficient supplies of food and forage, but the day after its arrival at Gettysburg it engaged the enemy's cavalry with unabated spirit, and effectually protected our left." Robert E. Lee, Official Report of the Gettysburg Campaign

(Stuart's Command in the Ride to Pennsylvania)

(Orders of Battle)

(Major General J.E.B. Stuart's Official Report of the Gettysburg Campaign)

(A Driving Tour of Jeb Stuart's Ride to Gettysburg)




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